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We have tables at most of the hamfests in southern Ontario. Come check us out!


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Our sister company, Paladin RF, offers a line of high-quality duplexers and filters. Their small size, and especially their small prices, will probably surprise you but they are innovative, no-compromise, top-performing products. Check us out!


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Check out our fun page for free stuff! Calculate various antenna dimensions, determine best height above the ground, look up coaxial cable properties, check the ideal stripping dimensions for mounting various connectors, and more.


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Calculator - Dipole & Inverted 'V'

Use At Your Own Risk

Maple Leaf Communications assumes no responsibility for material calculation errors or other deficiencies in the calculator offered here.

Installed antennas can be affected by buildings, trees, mast properties, other antennas, ground conditions, and more.

Dimensions reported by this calculator should be considered only approximations of the length(s) of material required.

When ordering materials and building your antenna, allow a little extra length and trim as necessary instead of building and installing the antenna before discovering that it is too short.

The Half-Wave Dipole & Inverted 'V'

The very-popular centre-fed, half-wave dipole and inverted 'V' antennas can be calculated below.

The basic formula for the half-wave dipole is 468/freq (in Mhz), but it can be modified below to your needs.

When the dipole will be installed in an inverted 'V' configuration (rather than straight-horizontal) the formula should be modified to reduce the length . A percentage adjustment can be entered below according to the following guidelines:

No apex angle (straight-horizontal)
apex angle 90° apex angle
105° apex angle
120° apex angle
135° apex angle

divided by Freq. Mhz

percent smaller for an inverted 'V'

Straight Dipole

Total Length:    or  or 
Each Leg:    or  or 

Inverted 'V'

Total Length:    or  or 
Each Leg:    or  or 
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Tram 1154 magnetic mount and 3dB 5/8-wave antenna all in one, 15 feet coax and PL259 connector

Only $39.95!


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12 X PEG12 Ground Pegs

Only $5.00


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Deal Item Price
NMO mount
with coax
Motorola UHF Antenna (NMO) $20.00
Tap light for
unwired dark spots
50 cents
Various night lights 50 cents
8" long Black cable ties $0.10 each
Roll of double sided foam tape $2.00


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